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  About Burdock House  
  Here at Burdock House, we write, publish, design and create. We tend to do things for ourselves, and if we don't have the skills, we try to acquire them. We have accepted that we will be on a never-ending learning curve.

Flinty Maguire has produced two books and a third is on its way. Her background involves design and manufacture, website design and editing. She is currently the editor of the Saltaire Village Website: www.saltairevillage.info, which has been online since 2006. Saltaire is a World Heritage Site located to the north west of Bradford in West Yorkshire, UK. Flinty has relocated, but retains a strong interest in Saltaire and continues to maintain the website.

Padraig Mulreynolds has written his first book and is busy getting it ready for print.




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