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  A bit about Flinty Maguire  

Flinty Maguire loves dogs and has a soft spot for rescued hens. She lives near the coast in North East England, with her husband, Padraig, and dogs, Bronte and Pippy.

Flinty also looks after her mum.


Flinty Maguire learnt to swim when she was three and moved to the coast when she was six. Always drawn to water, she understood the tides and would head into the sea with a half surfboard, unsupervised, and battle with the waves until her teeth chattered. It was a ridiculous amount of freedom - but it was different then.

She shared her life with the sweetest dog called Mitzi, a Sealyham terrier, who didn't like water and paddled only by mistake, though she loved chasing about on the beach. Here they are below - Mitzi is teaching Flinty some tricks!

Mitzi and Flinty Maguire

And here's Flinty running about on the beach with Cindy, her Auntie Dot's dog, who came for a holiday at the seaside.

Flinty Maguire and Cindy

Flinty now has two dogs - a Labrador called Bronte, who is wilful and determined to swim, and a rescue dog called Pippy, who is afraid of water. Bronte spends a lot of time laughing her head off and Pippy likes to chuckle.

Bronte and Pippy

It's funny - Bronte and Pippy leave Flinty alone to get on with her work, until they sniff a biscuit or a bun at coffee time.

Flinty Maguire, Pippy and Bronte

Flinty went to university in her thirties. She had a number of jobs: some interesting and almost enjoyable and some best forgotten. Nowadays, she edits a website for the World Heritage Site of Saltaire in Yorkshire, England: www.saltairevillage.info. She says, 'I've always written stuff, but writing for children is the best job I've ever had. Children have to be pretty resourceful and feisty to negotiate life and stay positive. Their thoughfulness and compassion amazes me. I try to celebrate that.'

Flinty Maguire stresses that Ellie Booton's Journals are NOT autobiographical. She admits that Ellie is much smarter than she ever was as a kid.


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