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Follow the story of Dorsen and Richard, child cobalt miners

I have a smartphone, laptop, camera, and lots of things powered by recharageable batteries. Cobalt is needed to make lithium ion batteries and a lot of cobalt comes from Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Africa. It shocked me when I saw the Sky News report showing children mining cobalt. Lots of people were shocked. So far, 44 million people have watched the YouTube film showing Dorsen, who is 8 years old, and Richard, who is 11, working in a cobalt mine. These boys work long hours for pennies and often go hungry. That's not right. I got involved with a campaign to help. I asked Sky News to find Dorsen and Richard again, so that the charity, Kimbilio, could help them. And that's what happened. Dorsen and Richard now have food, clean clothes, a bed to sleep in, and they're going to school. There are still so many children to help, and we will continue to support Dorsen and Richard.
Our website: www.cobaltchildren.org
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Ellie lives with her extended family by the sea. When she's not solving problems, she's creating them. She might not appreciate me telling you this, but she's bright, loyal, scarily honest and pretty funny.

Adventure is her middle name (not really - it's Edith - and she wouldn't want you to know that either!) It's OK. You have permission to read Ellie's journals. Make it snappy, don't make a habit of it - and for goodness sake - DON'T let her catch you!

Reading age: 9 to 90+
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Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 3

Currently being written. That is, when these dogs stop pestering me for treats at coffee time. Coming soon, hints about the new Journal.

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