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Jack and Finley choose their favourites
Here are my grandsons, Jack and Fin, who love reading. We took a trip to the wonderful book store in Salts Mill, Saltaire, to chose some books. Finley chose Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not) by Liz Pichon; My Brother is a Super Hero - I could have been one too, except I needed a wee (brilliant title) by David Solomons. Jack chose Dragon Shield by Charlie Fletcher (illustrated and signed by Nick Tankard), and The Dream Snatcher by Abi Elphinstone (a wonderful debut novel). Abi's sequel is called The Shadow Keeper. Abi says, 'It's all smugglers, secret caves & witch doctors.' Sounds BRILLIANT!

More about Jack and Finley's book choices >

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Salts Mill
Website: saltsmill.org.uk

Image Ruth

Ruth, the band - worth a listen!
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Ruththeband
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ruththebandfb
Website: ruththeband.com

Vet Ranch and Ruth (the band)

Sometimes, optimism is a lot to ask when there's such trouble in the world, but being kind and helpful is a great antidote to the rotten stuff going on.

I follow Vet Ranch on Youtube - a group of vets who help homeless animals from the donations they receive from supporters. Great work, though I close my eyes during 'procedures' and open them again when tails are wagging and everyone is happy. This puppy's life changed from sad to glad after treatment from Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch.

Image Vet Ranch. Click on image to magnify.

I love the Vet Ranch theme music, "Rosa Dear". It's courtesy of Ruth, an American band. It's so cheery you feel better just for hearing it. Listen to it on Youtube.

Vet Ranch - saving animals
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/VetRanch
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VetRanch
Website: vetranchrescue.org

15 September 2015: A visit to The Book Corner, Saltburn-by-the-Sea
Flinty: I am really looking forward to visiting Book Corner, Saltburn's independent book shop owned by Jenna Warren, on Tuesday 15 September, 2015.

I'll be there from 2 pm to chat to anyone who might be interested in how Saltburn influenced my novels. I'm an informal gal, so questions and exchange of ideas are welcome. It would be lovely to meet anyone interested in children's literature, writing, illustrating and publishing - oh, and reading my novels!

The Book Corner, Saltburn
The Book Corner
Unit 1, Regency Building
Station Square
TS12 1AG

Saltburn by the Sea, Website
Trouble at the Crab Shack Cafe sold out at the famous Salts Mill bookshop
Flinty: It was pretty cool to get a phone call from the lovely Claire Townshend of Salts Mill, telling me that all copies of Trouble at the Crab Shack Cafe had been sold, and could she have ten more copies please, oh, and some more copies of The Lighthouse Code. Confirmation that people have picked up my books and have liked the look of them enough to take them to the till. Fabulous. Attention has most certainly been drawn (literally) by Nick Tankard, artist and illustrator extraodinaire, who created a beautiful chalk board to promote the books. Thank you, people - SO MUCH.

Saltaire is a World Heritiage Site, inscribed in 2001. It was built by Sir Titus Salt, a textile magnate, over a twenty year period. Salts Mill was the first building, opened on 20 September 1853. At its peak, it produced 18 miles of cloth every day. Saltaire got its name from Titus Salt and the River Aire, which flows alongside the Salts Mill. The village also had school, church, hospital, houses and shops, wash houses and a laundry. The village is a prime example Victorian enterprise and philanthropy, and has equal status in the world to the pyramids!

Salts Mill no longer produced cloth though is still a place of enterprise. It's home to David Hockney paintings, a wonderful bookstore, and a variety of businesses, including a diner and restaurant. It's free to enter and is open every day except Christmas and New Year's Day.

For a brief history of Saltaire, follow this link >

Salts Mill website
Saltaire Village website

Flinty Maguire books at Whitby Bookshop
Flinty: I was absolutely delighted when Fiona, Manager of Whitby Bookshop said she wanted to stock my books. It was not a problem transporting them there - Whitby is one of our favourite places.

It was especially lovely when Bronte, our Labrador family member, was invited to have a well behaved sniff around. To add to her happiness, she was offered and accepted an organic biscuit.

Whitby Bookshop is charming. The spiral staircase gives the shop an enchanted feel, the shelves are stuffed full of interesting books and extras (Whitby souvenirs and little must-have pocket items) and the staff are so kind and friendly. What more could an author and a book lover ask for?

More >

Whitby Bookshop website
Whitby Bookshop Facebook

Trip to Westbrook Lane Primary School in Horsforth
A day of celebration. Westbrook Lane School has refurbished its library with £3,000 worth of new books - and there's still lots more to do. It looked great - and there's nothing more exciting than being in a room with lots of crisp new books! Flinty Maguire was honoured to cut the ribbon and declare the library 'Open!' - then pop into different classes to read excerpts from Trouble at the Crab Shack Cafe, and The Lighthouse Code. Delightful! Very attentive pupils who asked interesting questions: 'How long does it take to write a book?' - 'How do you decide on a writing style?' - 'Did you draw the illustrations?' - 'How much money do you earn as an author?' All very sensible questions - and the last one was answered, 'The hourly rate is... um - very modest!' Great children. Flinty says, 'Thank you for inviting me. I had a lovely time.'

Visit the Westbrook Lane website

Prizes for Shipley College students completing the Six Book Challenge
The Six Book Challenge is run by The Reading Agency every year and takes place in libraries, colleges, workplaces and prisons. The Challenge invites readers to choose six books, review them, and enter prize draws. This year, Shipley College invited Flinty Maguire to hand out prizes to those completing the challenge. Certificates and goodie bags were handed out to the successful students, and some Flinty Maguire books. The Lighthouse Code was reviewed by one student, who told Flinty she had enjoyed it very much (would she dare to say otherwise?!). Flinty says, 'It was a big honour to be asked and I really enjoyed meeting the students. They were positively charming.'

Shipley College, located in the beautiful World Heritage Site of Saltaire, Yorkshire, offers full-time courses, Traineeships, Apprenticeships and part-time courses for school leavers, mature students and employers. There's always something new going on and the college offers outstanding support to students.

Shipley College website

Six Book Challenge website

The Book Corner in Saltburn stocks Ellie Booton's Journals
Jenna Warren of The Book Corner in Saltburn is always on the lookout for exciting stories for children set at the seaside and when she heard about Ellie Booton's Journals, she agreed to stock them in her wonderful bookshop. This is GREAT NEWS for Flinty Maguire, who first visited Saltburn with her parents when she was six. Her dad was going for an interview as a history teacher at Brotton County Modern School (as it was then) and the family stopped off in Saltburn first. Flinty remembers seeing the beach, the pier and the funicular from the top promenade - and being absolutely enchanted. Flinty's dad got the job and the family moved a few weeks later. Not so long after that, Flinty got a puppy called Mitzi - and so began a lifelong love of running on the beach with a dog at her heels.

Get your signed copies from
The Book Corner
Unit 1, Regency Building
Station Square
TS12 1AG

The Saltaire Sentinel
The Saltaire Sentinel mentions Flinty
The Saltaire Sentinel is a monthly newspaper produced in the heart of the World Heritage Site of Saltaire. It's not your 'normal' paper; it's quirky and unusual - altogether different. The tag line: "Your Lion of Vigilance", refers to the sculpted lion, Vigilance, found on Victoria Road, Saltaire. He's kept company by three other lions: Determination, War and Peace. Legend has it these lions roam Saltaire Village after midnight. No disturbance has ever been reported, so they are peaceful and discreet.

For the past eight years The Saltaire Sentinel has been published online to a global readership. It's become quite famous in its own way and the editor, James Duncan, even helped Flinty Maguire with The Lighthouse Code by reading it, spotting those pesky mistakes and making some really HELPFUL suggestions.

The July edition features Flinty as the headline: FLINTY IN PRINT. Flinty admits to feeling rather important to feature in The Saltaire Sentinel. Yay! Flinty gives guided walks around Saltaire - so she's pretty keen on Saltaire's history.

The Saltaire Sentinel

Read the Sentinel article >

Flinty Maguire's books in Salts Mill
Flinty Maguire lives in Saltaire, a World Heritage Site in Yorkshire. She's delighted that the famous Salts Mill bookshop (probably in the most wonderful bookshop in the entire universe) is stocking Ellie Booton's Journals.

Nick Tankard, Saltaire artist and children's book illustrator kindly created the wonderful chalkboard to advertise the books in the mill. The board shows a perplexed crab and the lighthouse which features in The Lighthouse Code. Don't worry - no crabs were harmed in either story.

The books are first editions, signed by Flinty. They're also on Amazon and on Kindle.

More about Ellie Booton's Journals

Salts Mill
Victoria Road
Saltaire, BD18 3LA

Salts Mill, home to Nick Tankard, Illustrator
If you're lucky enough to go to Salts Mill bookshop in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, you may come across (and even speak to!) children's book illustrator, Nick Tankard.

Nick illustrated The Dragon Shield by Charlie Fletcher. This amazing adventure is set in a world where statues come to life and dragons and heroes battle. Will and Jo find themselves persued. Will they escape? Will the statues help them?

Henry HunterNIck also illustrated, Henry Hunter, an exciting story about a schoolboy super-sleuth on the trail of the dangerous Beast of Snagov.

More about The Dragon Shield

More about Henry Hunter




Artist & Illustrator, Nick Tankard



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